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Northern lavender

Dried lavender bunch

Dried lavender bunch

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Dried lavender bunch, cut at its peak for the optimum fragrance and colour Organically grown, our lavender has never been sprayed with chemicals or fertilisers and is dried naturally in our sheds without preservatives. 

The average bunch is around 120 stems with lengths of 8-15 inches


Please note a few buds will fall off in transit but they retain their scent and can be used around the house, simply put them in a bag and hang in a closet, or add to a bowl of potpourri.




Care Instructions

unwrap the bunch, place in a vase without water or hand on a hook. For the longest lasting lavender keep out of direct sun.


kraft paper


Orders placed before 3pm will be shipped the following day, Monday - Thursday. We will try our hardest to ship on Friday but we keep this day for farming - lavender doesn't grow it self!

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