Our story

The seed was sown to develop a lavender farm when our founder was listening to the radio whilst working in rural USA. We like to say that that initial seed has really bloomed and it really has.


Our farming journey started in October 2021 when we took on a series of fields under an agricultural tenancy. Located in Asenby, North Yorkshire, the farm is nestled between the North York moors and Dales in the commonly named Vale of York. This situation provides a little microclimate, where the sun loving lavender plants can thrive.


From barren fields coming out of intensive agriculture we have farmed with nature, and through a lot of mishaps, testing and now super success with our own farm raised plants we have become the largest Organically certified Lavender farm in the country.


With our produce from the fields we now make a line of nature friendly cosmetics, fragranced candles and of course lots of lavender, all made by hand just yards from the fields. Our goal is to become as self sufficient as possible and each year we grow more things to supply our workshop. 

Have a read of our blog to see what new is happening in the fields or sheds.