What a month!!

After the really great planting season we had where we planted another sixty something thousand lavenders we have only had rain and more rain. 

Our plants are the core of Northern Lavender: our mission to make products as naturally as possible; and to do it organically we have to farm in harmony with Mother Nature. This spring has been pretty wild. 

The weekend of the coronation we saw 2 inches of rain fall in 26 minutes, our newly planted 14 acres (224 tennis courts) have been absolutely hammered so we have been busy hand planting our lavenders. We literally could see them floating down streams. 

But good news! The greenhouses have been hot and hot is good! We start everything we can from seed, this allows us to cut out all chemicals and be absolutely sure of the provenance of our ingredients. 

Our flowers for drying have spent a little longer than expected under glass but are still doing great, and our calendula which is so important for our cosmetics emerged just three days after sowing. More mints and lemon balms are doing great and we have just put in our new batches of lemon grass now it’s heated up.  

It’s getting exciting again, it’s easy to complain, but the next couple of months is where the farm comes alive. Our new wild margins will play host to our bees, and chamomile is freshly in the soil.  

While the lavender is growing out greenhouses are always being sown for new crops. Cucumber for our hand cream, and gourds for displays have been sown and also really excitingly we cracked the recipe for our diffusers. 

We don’t want to supply products harmfully for nature, most diffusers on the market contain petroleum based products. We have spent months experimenting with oils and now our diffusers are ready to be shipped to homes. 

We will have a range of diffusers available shortly, they will be seasonally produced using our organic oils and trust us they are divine. 

Next month is the exciting one. All the anticipation of the year, lavender coming in to bud, harvesting of flowers, new products coming on sale….. keep coming back as summer smells great and we want you to be there!!!

If you are a community group of charity we would love to invite you on to the farm for a wander about. Get into i to book in a time, all for free. 

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