lip balms

still raining.

behind the scenes is very much inside at the moment.


in the greenhouses our baby lavender plants have all rooted nicely, and we have cut back all the irrigation as they start to nap during winter. we had to drain all the pipes this week as we were forecast a frost.


Outside the tractor actually got some use! carefully following the tracks around the fields we have managed to get a new fence in as part of our countryside stewardship agreement. this will protect us and our plants from being eaten by deer. the new hedge we planted to help all the other critters is given extra protection from this too.


suring one of the many storms we had, our electricity was knocked out. for a week we have been on generators. the main line pole came down through our fence. amazingly no trees came down but our field are fully saturated now. we would love some dry weather!


in the shed we have been busy prepping for the up comming christmassmarkets around North Yorkshire. this colder weather is actually great for us as we can cool down our cosmetics quicker which helps their texture and saves us a bunch of time.


we hope to see you out and about and look forward to showing you our new range of scents.


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