2024 lavender campaign has started

2024 lavender campaign has started

The sun has come out in Yorkshire and with that the 2024 growing campaign has started. The tractor was literally dusted off this week after 5 months of no work due to very wet conditions.


with the little respite from the appalling weather see a cross the country we got in and did our first weeding of the season. The news was good from the cab where it was clear that all the plants made it through the hard December weather.


the new plants that went in in 2023 had a terrible first year with not much heat and a horrible June and July and so their growth is a bit underwhelming - however they are still there, and we expect with a bit of love and extra attention they will soon catch up to their literally mothers for a good harvest this summer.

We find ourself constantly looking back on the farm, what the weather has been, how we have done in harvest and literally backwards in the cab but this year we are very much looking forward. The end of El Niño in October potentially has this summer to be a cracker, hot and sunny, perfect for our lavender.

our latest set of fencing has been completed and hedges kept meet and tidy all in anticipation that the fields this summer might be host to some bleating….


we are gearing up for the spring show in early February where we will be able to exhibit some new exciting creations from our sheds and hopefully stock up some more shops so everyone gets to experience what we do on a daily basis.



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